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Hmong Skirt (size S)
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H’mong Skirt (size S)



To make these traditional H’mong skirts, the fabric would have been made from hemp, a plant grown for its fiber. The stems of the hemp plants are stripped, soaked, pounded, and turned into yarn the. The fabric is then folded into accordion pleats, stitched tightly in place and stored, often with wood to compress the fabric, to set the pleats. The skirts use up to 6 meters of pleated fabric which makes for quite a heavy skirt. The red decorating the skirt is strips of fabric that are appliquéd on by hand and the bottom of the skirt has appliqué and embroidery. Traditionally, a Hmong woman would make a new skirt every year for the Hmong new year festivities.

Product Description:
This “H’mong Skirt” is hand-made by the H’mong women.
– Material: Hemp
– Fabric Technique: Appliqué, Batik, Embroidered
– Size: S
– Usage: Originally it is made as a clothing piece for the H’mong’s women daily use. Suitable for decorating home, livingroom,..
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