Body & Soul’s Boutique

We originally started of with Body&Soul Spa Hanoi, and have been running it for the past 22 years. Our main goal has always been about making things around us beautiful, whether it’s enhancing your natural beauty or creating a lively environment at your humble home.

Other than focusing on taking great care of your health & well-being, we also care deeply about your surroundings.

A sustainable, cozy, yet joyful environment which you can call home is one of the most important factor in creating a healthy lifestyle.


Making yourself feel the most comfortable and proud when bringing your beloved family/friends back to your own home is our top priority!

To be able to satisfy our client needs, our focal point is stimulating all the 5 senses. Body&Soul Boutique applies the power of Feng Shui while focusing on the aesthetics at the same time.

If you aren’t familiar with the philosophical term “Feng Shui”, it is essentially a traditional Chinese practice of positioning or designing your surroundings in harmony with principal of natural energy flow.

We are all about promoting the beauty of craftsmanship, appreciating our culture by not forgetting the various traditions deep rooted in us.

Living in a fast flowing world nowadays, we must learn to preserve handmade/ hand-crafted products from our heritage. Body&Soul Boutique do so by collecting forgotten objects and unique antique artifacts made by Ethnic People, then refurbish & give it a chance for second life.

Currently, Body&Soul Boutique is most know for our furnitures, home-decor & ethnic collection. One of our most featured products is the “Traditional Hue’s Cabinet”.

The Hue Cabinets have been long sought out for their luxurious design. Heavily influenced by the imperial era, it’s unique features are hand carved by sophisticated craftmen, with knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

Such intricate details require careful attention, and because of this, you will not find any piece identical to another. Aesthetics aside, this stunning antique is very sustainable. Made from recycled and refurbished Pinewood & Jackfruit wood. Post carving production, they are then carefully hand-painted in an array of vibrant colors, customizable to your own liking. The carved details represents 4 different Seasons – summer, spring, winter and fall.

Fusion with our study of western styled furniture, we combine them with vibrant colors from our Vietnamese traditional world, filled with life & filled with colors