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Antique Black Thai textile Horse pillow



Weaving and embroidering into creating brocaded products has been a long-standing tradition of the Thai people in the Dien Bien province, Vietnam.
A special feature of both Thai ethnic groups (Thai Trắng & Thai Đen) traditional embroidery and weaving is that they do everything by themselves, from preparing raw materials such as: planting cotton, planting mulberries, raising silkworms, turning cotton, spinning yarns, weaving fabrics, finding raw materials from forest trees to dye fabrics, dye threads to finalizing these extremely detailed products.
Woven fabrics can be made into skirts, dresses, towels or pillows, blankets, cushions for household use. Traditional embroidery products are meticulously handcrafted with rudimentary tools by Thai women from a young age.
Thai brocade has diverse motifs, depending on the creativity of each person, such as: Ban branch, horse carrying rice, stork, house, entrance gate, waterfall lotus flowers, loofahs, centipedes… All objects, animals, and events happening around their environment can be “carved” on the fabric. Brocade patterns are often used in white, red, yellow, green, purple… to make a strong impression.
Nowadays, with the development of society, industrial garments are sold a lot on the market, which is why perceiving the sound of cotton spinning , weaving or the image of a Thai woman sitting on the porch meticulously embroidering is no longer easy.
At Body&Soul’s Boutique, our Ethnic Collection products are carefully hand-picked at each location we encounter different Ethnic Groups through out Vietnam, which is why no items are identical to each other.
Product Description:
This “Black Thai Textile” is hand-made by the Black Thai women.
– Cover Material: Hemp, Cotton
– Fill Material: Foam
– Fabric Technique: Appliqué, Batik, Embroidered
– Shape: Rectangle
– Dimensions: L120 x W35cm
– Usage: Suitable for decorating the Livingroom, Bedroom, Patio & Outdoor
Our location:
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